Thursday, July 7, 2011

TOPIC OF THE MONTH - Selective Functional Movement Assessment

Do you ever wonder why you suffer from repetitive or chronic injuries that seem to be unrelated to any injury? Or do you ever wonder why you don’t perform as well athletically as other people? Do you feel like you work out and you don’t progress as well as you feel you should. Then the SFMA could be for you.

SFMA stands for Selective Functional Movement Assessment .This is a test designed to look at movement throughout your entire body to determine any limitations in mobility and stability you may have. These limitations may be underlying factors in any chronic problems or reduced performance you may be experiencing in your life. Frequently a restriction or weakness in one joint or area of your body can lead to limitations in a movement pattern that affects your whole body. The SFMA can help you pinpoint these limitations.

Once the SMFA identifies specific restrictions, your physical therapist can design a program to specifically address them. With a more individualized program you can be sure that you are doing the most effective work out routine and not wasting time and energy exercising areas that don’t need it. This will also allow you to address an area that may be leading to chronic pain and dysfunction and eliminate some unneeded aches and pains.

The SMFA is now available at Ascent Physical Therapy. Call 970.949.9966 to schedule an appointment and get your-self fit for summer.

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