Thursday, February 18, 2010


Our 5th Anniversary Open House event was a great success. Thanks to so many people for showing up and participating in our fun competitions!

We had many winners and we just wanted to acknowledge them and say a big congratulations!!

Elizabeth Berg was the lucky winner of a pair of custom foot orthotics from Sole Supports!!

Rebecca Ruck, Ray Maddison, Sheena Lee, Lori Turner and Dr. Kerry Ferguson all won a Physical Therapy or Fitness Session. While Lilian Myers and Ellie Mallon were the lucky winners of the free massage with our great massage therapist Abbie Kirscher!

Loren Dumont won the gift certificate to Avon Liquors.

Don Frye won the foam roller, while David Tucholke won the Exercise Ball.

Thanks once again to everyone who came, we really appreciate your support!

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